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Efficiency. Dedication. Expertise.
With more than eighty five years of combined experience in professional group management,
our team has operated travel programs spanning five continents in over sixty countries
around the globe, and we never lose sight of our primary goal: Your Success!
Anita De Cecco  Anita DeCecco
Alla family! Coining this Italian phrase is an appropriate way to introduce one of the founders of Bottom Line. Descended from a long line of driven Italian entrepreneurs, Anita is an operations dynamo who treats the business and her clients like treasured members of her family. After studying overseas, her passion for travel was born which she eventually channeled into directing the intricate operations of a global travel company. In her thirty years of experience, she has overseen the planning and execution of thousands of programs and approaches each one with the same enthusiasm as her first. Working with Anita is to go beyond the basics of a business transaction--it's the beginning of a long-term, trusted relationship where you and your company's success are always foremost at heart.
Cathy Garver
Knowledge is power, and when it comes to group travel, meetings and incentives, Cathy has an arsenal of operational know-how. With a diverse travel work history of more than twenty-five years, her can-do attitude took her on a direct flight to the eventual and successful co-ownership of Bottom Line. When you've worked for a cruise line, a ski resort, a secluded island hotel in the Caribbean and an international travel club like she has, then you know a thing or two about managerial success. Having rapidly risen through the ranks of nearly every post in her career, she has transformed that confidence at the wheel into the strength of our company's impeccable service. With the vision of creating unforgettable memories, Cathy's gift for driving exceptional performance at every level has allowed our clients to achieve their company goals year after year.
Anne Raney
Sourcing Manager
Where there's passion, creativity and nearly twenty years of travel experience, you will find Anne putting her extensive destination knowledge, appetite for research and creative flair to work. Her curiosity and independent spirit led to her first solo trip abroad as a teenager to England and Scotland. She instantly fell in love with the cultural experience and was hooked from that moment forward. Anne has since traveled to over fifty countries across five continents managing a variety of programs across a diverse group of industries that include: incentive travel, pharmaceutical meetings, corporate travel, student travel, and leisure markets. She's motivated by the desire to motivate others with inspiring, crafty 'wordsmithing' and branding capabilities to market every program to success.
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